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Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to my Blog and Shop Hop Quilts!

Monday, June 13th 7:50pm

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new Quilters Depot Blog!  You all know me.  I'm Jenn.  I'm co-owner of Quilters Depot 4160 Library Rd. Castle Shannon Pa 15236.   The majority of my readers enjoy my newsletter and monthly blog.

I've been asking myself how to keep you all informed on what I'm doing at the store and when new products come in.  So ta da! I decided on a blog.  If you sign up you will be notified when the blog updates.  If I get new fabric in this will be the first place to see it!  I will also update you on notions and any breaking news!

So this first blog is all about Shop Hop!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Below you will see pictures of the majority of the store's quilts.  Hopefully, I was paying attention this morning as we all took pics of whose were whose.  I will try to get the missing picture.

First up is our quilts.  The Red/White/Blue one was created by our  Friend/Teacher/Customer Andrae.  The second is our sample for the classes we are having.  I hope to quilt this black and gold creation and donate it.  More on that when it happens.  It was created by two of our sales associates, Anita and Sheila!

Next Up is the Quilt that Sew Special:

Next we have: Peace by Piece
Next: Farmhouse Fabrics

Next: Judy's Quilting Corner

Next: Baughman Sew & Quilt

Next: Quilt Patch

Next: Piecing It Together:

Next: Muddy Creek Originals

Last but not least of my pics: The Quilting Bee

I hope you all enjoy my blog and the pictures!  I hope you all register to receive when I update the blog!  I will also try to post to facebook when I update!

Remember the one with the most stash wins!


  1. Nice new blog, Jenn! I can't get over how nice those quilts are. I am excited to make mine.

  2. What's the name of the yellow, black and grey material on your blog tat wa made by Sheila?