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Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's New June 19th, 2011

Hi All!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I've been down and out with a bad cold.

I did log some stuff in Friday and Saturday. 

First off the top of the list.  Of course it's here the week after shop hop when you were all asking for it! 

Potato Fabric is in!  It looks a little different from the first batch that we had but is basically the same!

Next up is what some of you ladies up North of the City asked if we were going to carry.

We now have Roxanne needles.  We have Sharps #10 and Applique ones.  There is a third size but I did not write it down.  (smacks my forehead against the wall.  I was sick when i logged these in and I'm not real good at stuff when I'm sick.  Stop in and see what we have!)

On the subject of needles.  We are re-stocked with the John James Millners and the Big Eye Size 9 Quilting needles.  We also now carry the two most popular size of Organ needles.  The universal 90/14 and 80/12's. These are the ones I personally use on my Viking Sewing machine!

Some other stuff that is now re-stocked:
*Insul Bright
*The Here Comes Santa Redwork Pattern (the one up on the wall)
*Best Press - Lavendar smaller bottles
*Best Press - I special ordered some of the gallon refills of the lavendar and have two that are available to buy in the stor if you are interested.

We also have re-stocked the Easy Rulers.  These are the great rulers that have the 1/8th's marked on them!  We have the Easy Rule Jr that is a 3x6 ruler, and two larger sizes.one is 6x13 and the largest is 6x24!

Next we have RJR fat quarters of Musical instruments.
And finally, a customer showed us this neat iron during shop hop and it totally excited us.  So of course we ordered a few of them.  Come in and check these out.  I want to try one on the long arm to see if I can get some of those pesky wrinkles out!

There is a bunch more stuff I did not get logged in.  It's on my to do list for next week!

Remember the one with the most stash wins!


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  1. I love my new iron!!! Thanks Jenn