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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Success Stories @July 30, 2011

Here is your bonus post for the weekend!  I probably should wait and hold out until Monday and post this but I'll give you a weekend goodie.

One of our sales associates, Verna had a GREAT idea so I'm acting upon it!

I take pictures of our students success stories for classes and for miscellaneous projects they bring in.  So instead of only a few making it into the newsleter I'm going to start posting them on the blog!

The ones you see below are from July's 101 class!  Great work ladies!

the next one is also a 101 success story.  From a previous class month though.

Isn't it amazing how different the same class quilt can look!

See you can do it too!  Next 101 class is in September on Tuesday nights.  If interested in making one of these beautiful quilts sign up!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


What's New @July 30th, 2011

Yes, I'm slow!

I should have done this last night!  So you will get two posts tonight.

First is the What's New!

Up first are these beautiful Asian inspired fabrics! (I forgot to write down whose they are though...lol)

And these are some beautiful filler colors.  Very similar to the Moda Marbles.  Also on the far right we now have fire trucks! Hopefully the police cars that match will be in soon!

As always we did a bunch of notion inventory also, but nothing new just restocks.........lol

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Chase's Quilt"

Evening everyone!

I would like to thank Dalen Keyes and his wife Mitzie for coming in yesterday with their book "Chase's Quilt" and Mitzie's quilt that she designed for the book!

The quilt you see us holding is the sample we made.

These are just two of the pictures that were taken yesterday.  You know Mom and I never let you guys take our pics so enjoy you probably won't see many of them............lol (ignore all the white around the second picture.  I don't have my editing software on this laptop to just give you the picture......lol)

We do have a few copies of the book and pattern left.  Hurry in if you want one!  There is a second book and quilt in the works so stay tuned closer to the end of the year!

remember the one with the most stash wins.


Friday, July 22, 2011

What's New!

It's been a busy week here logging inventory in!

Superior threads are restocked.  We have some more of the thread guides, the little 4x6 cutting mats, red perle cotton.  You name it we inventoried it today........lol

Here's some pics of some of the new fabrics!

You all keep asking for the batiks and here are some beautiful lighter ones for you.  Very Very pretty, the picture does not do it justice!

Some Black and Gold Jelly Rolls.  If you want these hurry in.  There actually might just be one left already!

Some more Jelly rolls.  Most are civil war era type fabrics.  One Batik which won't last long!

Golf or bowling anyone?  And you saw the steeler material from last week.  We also now have the black version.

The last three pieces to the Marcus Brothers Quilts of Valor line.  That's the panel, strips of the different fabrics and pretty stars!

Some pretty fillers!

Farmer John Fat Quarters!!!!!!!!!

A bolt of Halloween!  This is my favorite of the this year's batch!

Cupcakes anyone? and a pretty blue filler!

Remember next week is going to be busy! Make sure to register and get your children and grandkids in!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kids Day Camp! Next Week! Register now!

Evening Everyone!

Do you have grandkids or kids who are 8 and older?  Would they like to learn how to do some crafts.

Well we have 3 hour day camps running next week that they can come in and learn some neat skills.

Register Now!  Here is the info!

Monday, July 25th—Yo Yo Christmas Ornament @1 to 4pm

Tuesday, July 26th—Hand Embroidery @10:30am to 1:30pm 

Wednesday, July 27th—Gift Bags 1 to 4pm

Thursday, July 28th—Learn to Knit @10:30am to 1:30pm

Friday, July 29th—Tshirt Hobo Bag @3pm to 6pm

Classes are $15/day which includes what they need to
do the project.  Buy all four days get the fifth for free!

Remember the one with the most stash wins!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the WINNER is...............

First off.  hahahahhaa yes i'm going to make you wait a moment........lol

Thank you for everyone's comments!  I love seeing hits on my blog. Thanks to all of Thearica's blog readers who jumped over to say hi!  Good luck on her giveaway!

Stay tuned because I have lots and lots of fabric and notions to log in on Friday night!

Now on to what you all are waiting for!  The winner of the $10  gift card is.....................Pat Renihan!

The gift card will be in the bottom drawer waiting for when you come in the next time!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Help US with ordering and YOU could win a gift card!

I want comments back on this post please. Sometimes Mom and I have a horrible time ordering because we want it ALL!  Don't we all.  However, since i have no luck at the power ball or mega millions lotto's I have to make choices.  This week we spent two evenings with distributors ordering fabrics and notions. (you will see some of the new ones in tomorrow's blog.  I'm a little behind and don't feel like unloading the camera this evening)  So we need your help!

If you leave a comment i will print out each of your names and you will get a chance at a $10.00 (Yes! $10!) Quilters Depot Gift Card!  It will be held in the magic bottom drawer for the next time you come in.  Yes, this means I want lots and lots of comments on the following two questions.  The only way you are eligible for the gift card is by leaving your comment here.  I am pretty certain I have the settings that anyone can post!  If only 1 person leaves a comment they win.........so please I want lots and lots of opinions!  You know it's your store!

1)First to the ladies out there that like the veggies and make the microwave potato holders.  Would you like the following loaded baked potato fabric(see below)?  I don't quite like it but you might.  Would you buy this fabric if I brought it in?

2) Some of you probably have seen the Moda Civil War quilt I am working on for a friend's gift out of the Civil War Reunion Charm packs.  I cannot get the charm packs or fat 8th's at this point but i can get a few of the bolts.  I know which ones I want, but do you want them?
If you do, then please vote for the fabric by the letter at the bottom left hand corner of each picture.  The ones that get the most votes will get ordered.  If no one votes I may or may not get them.  And no we cannot get them all unless you leave name and yardage amounts signed in blood that you will buy them all........lol










The contest/plead for help is good from now Saturday, July 16th 8pm until Wednesday night July, 20th at 6pm.  I would like to get my Moda order in since we are low on Marbles. (Not the ones in our heads but the fabric ones!)

I am also making an Executive Decision that employees ARE eligible to win the gift card. :-)

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's New!

First Remember tomorrow night is UFO.  Have you finished your shop hop blocks? Come on in.  Do you have outstanding 101 projects?  Come finish them!  Pizza will be served!

Ok now for new stuff.  We have the Let's twist Pattern in and the new one Let's Twist again in!

We have a few things of Aida cloth for you ladies who do counted cross stitch!

And Drum Roll please...................................THE STEELER FABRIC IS IN!  Two bolts have come in.  White and a yellow.  The tried and true black is discontinued I think.  See below for the pictures.

We also have some other new fabrics in!  Come in and check them all out!  The two on the right are Magnolia fabrics!  They are all beautiful!

Remember the one with the most stash wins!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smart Phone Users

Evening all!

I wanted to pass along a new app that I think you I-phone and Droid users are going to love!

I have already installed it on my own new Droid!  How fun are our smartphones?  Well they just got funner!  (i know bad english.....lol)

Fons and Porters Creative Media People have come out with an App for your phone that is a Quilt Shop Locator!  Not all stores are on it yet since they are just starting out but it's really cool to play with.  It will either find your location and give you all the shops in your area or you can enter a zip of where you will be.

Here are the links:
Check out the new FREE Quilt Shop Locator apps!!!

Or in your market check search for Quilters Club of America or New Track Media.  I actually found it just with putting quilting in the search even though I had the link!

Enjoy and

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's New and Don't miss this GREAT Class!

Evening everyone!

First check out this great fabric that came in.  So great i zoomed in for you to see it on three pics!

Yes, I know our shop is over but this is timeless fabric!  Mom is already thinking about taking a couple of yards to do something special for our shop hop next year.  Come in and make a great bag, purse or jacket or anything!

Now, on to the class you do not want to miss!  Eleanor Burn's Radiant Star!
Class starts on Wednesday and is six weeks long.  You get to pick the size of the quilt you want to make.  The one pictured below and in this week @ that you saw this morning is 50x50 is only 4 color selections and can be used for a throw or wall hanging!

 Is this not one of the most beautiful quilts!  Ok I am partial because it's blue and I love blue........lol

If you would like to make a larger version choose a 6 color selection to make a 66x60 or 85x102 version or be very brave and go with 7 color selections and make a 106x106 quilt top!

There are 4 more spots left in the class.  Register up to about 3pm on Wednesday.  It is a go so come on in and register.  Get to know some other quilters and make a great quilt top in the process!

This week I need to get some more new fabrics logged in.  Just waiting on the invoice before I do and we have some notions coming in also so stay tuned!

Have a Great Weekend! and

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

What's New Saturday July 2nd!

Evening all!

We got a couple of great fabrics in this week!  Check them out!

Just some filler colors for you but they are really pretty!

Next up are 3 bolts of Marcus Brothers American Valor Line.  The other 3 to 4 bolts should be in by end of next week!  The panels that are coming in for this line make me want to have eagles everywhere!

Next up are the first bolts for Halloween!  Check out the pumpkins.  They glow in the dark!  More bolts coming but I am not sure when.

We also got a couple of great Yo Yo patterns in.  We now have a halloween patterns, a kitty/mouse pattern, more daschounds (like the one you see in the store) and a monkey yo yo pattern!

Make sure you come in this week and check out all the new stuff.  We are closed Monday but will open up again on Tuesday @10am.  Sign up for all the great classes.  If you are doing the shop hop blocks the first classes start end of next week!  Don't miss out on the passport block if you have not done it.  It's first up on the class list!

Happy Fourth of July and keep all your fingers.  You need them for quilting!

Remember the one with the most stash wins!