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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Help US with ordering and YOU could win a gift card!

I want comments back on this post please. Sometimes Mom and I have a horrible time ordering because we want it ALL!  Don't we all.  However, since i have no luck at the power ball or mega millions lotto's I have to make choices.  This week we spent two evenings with distributors ordering fabrics and notions. (you will see some of the new ones in tomorrow's blog.  I'm a little behind and don't feel like unloading the camera this evening)  So we need your help!

If you leave a comment i will print out each of your names and you will get a chance at a $10.00 (Yes! $10!) Quilters Depot Gift Card!  It will be held in the magic bottom drawer for the next time you come in.  Yes, this means I want lots and lots of comments on the following two questions.  The only way you are eligible for the gift card is by leaving your comment here.  I am pretty certain I have the settings that anyone can post!  If only 1 person leaves a comment they win.........so please I want lots and lots of opinions!  You know it's your store!

1)First to the ladies out there that like the veggies and make the microwave potato holders.  Would you like the following loaded baked potato fabric(see below)?  I don't quite like it but you might.  Would you buy this fabric if I brought it in?

2) Some of you probably have seen the Moda Civil War quilt I am working on for a friend's gift out of the Civil War Reunion Charm packs.  I cannot get the charm packs or fat 8th's at this point but i can get a few of the bolts.  I know which ones I want, but do you want them?
If you do, then please vote for the fabric by the letter at the bottom left hand corner of each picture.  The ones that get the most votes will get ordered.  If no one votes I may or may not get them.  And no we cannot get them all unless you leave name and yardage amounts signed in blood that you will buy them all........lol










The contest/plead for help is good from now Saturday, July 16th 8pm until Wednesday night July, 20th at 6pm.  I would like to get my Moda order in since we are low on Marbles. (Not the ones in our heads but the fabric ones!)

I am also making an Executive Decision that employees ARE eligible to win the gift card. :-)

remember the one with the most stash wins!



  1. I like F and A
    Melanie Popovich

  2. Sorry, Jen, but I am not interested in either the potato fabric or the civil war fabric and would not purchase them!

    Barb W. ~ yes, THAT Barb who was totally exhausted during shop hop and sat dazed on the couch near the end!

  3. no to the taters, yes to all but D in the civil war line. Probably 1/2 or 1 yard of each. :)

    Hi, Barb! Nice visiting with you while you were chilling on the couch!

  4. I like all the civil war fabric except D & I and would definately buy some of the A, B, E and F but I would not buy any loaded potato fabric.

  5. I do not like the potato fabric. I like all the civil war fabric except C & D.

    Allison Sanders

  6. Sorry but I don't like the potato fabrics nor do I like the Civil War fabrics either. Guess I'm more interested in batiks, brights and pastels. The Civil War type fabrics are just too somber for my taste.
    Lori Kalmeyer

  7. At the risk of saying Ditto, my feelings are described accurately in Lori Kalmeyer’s comment above mine. Neither the spuds nor the Civil war fabrics interest me. Brighter colors, batiks... like that. Thanks so much for asking tho; I love when we can help!~!

  8. I also would not be interested in any of the fabrics you showed. Civil war are just not my bag. I also love the brighter fabrics.=)

  9. I am too far away to come in, so I am just saying hi, welcome to the blogging world (I love Therica's blog and came to check you out) so take me out of the pool, but I LOVE C in your question 2. if I were closer I would buy some!

  10. I live too far away to come and buy the fabric, but I like A & B and would not buy baked potatoes.

  11. I am not interested in either the potato fabric or the civil war fabric - they're just not my cup of tea. And I'm also stopping by over here to say thanks - PigTales and Quilts is where I'm visiting from. Really appreciate your generosity.

  12. I wish I lived in your area.. I don't like that potato fabric, and wouldn't be buying that, but the other fabric is lovely.

  13. I would not purchase the potato fabric but do like the civil war fabrics and would purchase all but D
    Pat Renihan

  14. CONGRATS on starting your blog! It seems like a wonderful way to keep in touch with your customers. Sadly, I live far away, so please do not enter me in the gift card, but I did want to say thank you for making the giveaway on Thearica's blog!

  15. 1. I am not sure whether I'd buy the potato fabric even though it looks yummy ;D

    2. I like B and E.

    Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway at Thearica's blog!

  16. Good luck with your new blog, Jenn! Found you on Thearica's blog. I'm a long time follower of hers. I can't enter the contest here because I don't live nearby, but I can tell you that I really don't like that potato fabric and I don't buy Civil War repros. So, I'm no help there, LOL!

  17. Congratulations on your new blog, Jenn. Just popped over from Thearica's to wish you success and happiness.

  18. Hi, I came by way of Thearica's and the fabrics are just awesome...I love them all. Glad you started a blog, it will be fun and bring more success to your store.

  19. I'm here from Pigtales & Quilts. I would not buy the baked potatoes, but I do like A, B, E and F. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I would use the fabric with a and e. A is a really nice neutral and would probably work with a lot of other fabrics. I like e because it has the smaller flowers so could be cut up into small pieces and still look really nice. I would make pillow cases out of the loaded baked potato fabric. I have seen some fabric that is just potatoes and I think I like it better than the one you posted.

  21. I don't live in your area, but, I love Civil War fabrics. I'd choose B, C, E, F, G, & H. I'd use all of those.

  22. I like fabric A and also G. They remind me of Thimbleberries fabric. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could buy ALL the fabric we want. ;>

  23. No to the potato fabric. My favorites of the others are C, F and H. Unlike many of your previous commenters, I DO like Civil War Repros. I like bright fabrics, but it seems that's all anyone wants these days! I'm visiting from Pigtails and Quilts, so I can't use a gift card, but congrats on the new blog.



  25. I know I'm too late for the draw, but just wanted say no to the potato fabric :)