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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Success Story!

Are you out there in the cyber world and you have wanted to learn to quilt, but are hesitant to start?.  Are you one of the people who are on our database but for whatever reason your not quilting?

Do you say to yourself, I can't do that.


Want proof?  Here it is.  Meet Maryann.  Maryann is one of our knitters and she has never quilted before.  Under peer pressure she decided to take my mom's Bargello quilt class.  Here is her FIRST attempt at quilting!

Awesome work!!!!!!!!! Yes, we still need to get her borders on the quilt, but she made that in one night with no experience!  So if you are sitting there reading this and saying you can't do it then quit thinking that way!  Keep an eye on the schedule.  There will be more Bargello quilt classes in the next few months if you do not want to take the 4 week 101.

Awesome work Maryann!  We are all proud of you! 

Here are two other success stories from that class.   Great work Nancy and Heather!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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