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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hi ya ladies!

Quilters Depot is going to run it's first "real" Block of the Month in 2012!

Yea!  At least that is what I'm hoping you are saying.

Question 1 you have is what BOM?  Answer = Windham's General's Wives!  Come in and help honor 12 of the General's wives and make this awesome 100x100 quilt top!

We are going to start taking reservations now through about December 15th.  As we get a better idea of how many are interested, we can figure out how much of the fabric to get in.  Classes will start in January or February 2012. 

Each month we will have several opportunities for you to take the class.  Andrae Lowery will be your teacher therefore classes will be in the Evenings and on Saturdays.

Now bear with me since this is the first block of the month we have done.

You will have the options:

a)to buy the pattern/fabric kit/class for $39.95/month (and you get your 10% discount on top of this.)   There are actually 13 blocks.  If you buy the 12 and complete them you will get the 13th and the finishing instructions for 50% off!  (You know I never discount anything this heavily so don't miss out!)

b) you can just buy the kit and work on your own.  That will be $31.95.  (no discount).  13th Block/and finishing instructions will get the 50% off if you complete on your own.

c)Buy just the patterns.  They will run $6.  Buy the fabric we bring in which will be $11.50/yard or other fabrics of your choosing.

d)Buy the full kit which is $399.  Payment due when it arrives.  If you buy this you will get the classes free.  Each kit includes the complete set of patterns and the yardage needed to make the entire quilt top. 
I need to plan how much to order so when you come in please tell me which option and day you would like.  Deadline is December 15th to sign up!

I am letting you all know first!  It will be in the next newsletter but you all have the Breaking News!

Hope I didn't confuse you all too much!  Like I said this is our first BOM and we are trying to keep it affordable and give you a great class if you need it!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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