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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Final Installment ----- Snowman!

Happy Sunday All!

I promised you a picture of my snowman's family.

It's amazing how different they all turned out.  I might make a second one after the holidays that is white and make hats for the seasons.  Can you tell I'm addicted!  lol

So our success stories are for the snowman are:  The snowman in yellow is Maryann's.  I call that the Daddy snowman.  Mommy snowman was made by Joann and is in the purple.  And of course baby ie fleury is mine.  I might change his pom pom on his hat but other than that he's done.  You can see him on display at the store.

If you are a knitter you too can join in the fun.  Upcoming events.  November is a PHD knitting so you can come in and just knit and have fun without having to put it down every five minutes.  December we will be doing socks and in January/February we will be making wool helmet liners for the troops.  If your interest let us know and once the official colors that are allowed are in you can come in and start making the liners!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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