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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mr Snowman as he grows

So if you your in the store lately you know what Mr Snowman looks like.

For the rest of you here goes.  I also promise that this coming Friday night the 28th there will be a family picture of the snowman's taken with the other two ladies who also made them!  You will be amazed at how different they are!

First this is Mr Snowman in the middle of week two.  So he's not quite 2 weeks old yet.  This is his head being done.

Now I called that his flubber stage. (you know the movie from Disney!)

Then the next night he looked like this.
now he is really getting close.  he has a neck and a head!  wooooohoooooooooooo 

Now since you all enjoyed meeting Abbie.  Meet her older sister Bernadine aka Bernie and this is her first encounter with Mr Snowman!

As you can tell neither of them are looking very excited.........lol

Ignore my mess.  that's my office away from the office.........lol

Finally here is a close up of Mr Snowman.  I think I still want to put a pom pom on his hat.  Ok I'm not sure if I do but I was told I should........lol  The scarf and his face glow in the dark!  If you are in the store and Mr snowman is there ask to check it out!

As I said Mr Snowman and his family will get a family portrait done and you will see that one in next Sunday's final installment of the life of Mr Snowman!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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