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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top Notions: Final Post!

Happy Thursday!

Now I will warn you this might be a longer blog than usual, because I saved my favorite for last. 

As a long armer, there are so many different threads I could use. When I began, I was stupid and naive and used threads that will remain nameless.  The quality of the thread will make or break your long arming experience.

A lot of the  cheaper threads will cause you to have fuzz which will gunk up your machines.  They fray and cause tension issues.

So you say, what do you use Jenn.  I use Superior Threads www.superiorthreads.com

I love the colors!  I love the quality!  I have met the President Bob Purcell and he is truly one of the good guys.  If you ever have the chance to hear his school of threadology, do whatever, but make sure you attend!  You will have a new appreciation for thread!  This is one of those companies that the customer service is a joy to work with!

Right now we carry:
So Fine - Can be used for Quilting and some Embroidery

Bottom Line - Can be used For Quilting, Embroidery, bobbin, binding and applique

Rainbow:  Used for Embroidery and Quilting.  Rainbow is exactly what you are thinking.  It is a rainbow of variegated of colors!

Treasure:  This is hand quilting thread only.

Alex Anderson's Masterpiece:  This thread is Egyptian cotton at it's best!  Masterpiece can be used for your machine piecing. 

I have not mentioned mono poly, king tut, or all the notions that Superior carries!  I could go on and on about all the new products that they are getting in!  Our  goal is to continue to grow my Superior line.  I would like to bring the new So Fine in that is variegated like the rainbow but a little thicker for long arm quilting.  I would like to start bringing more colors of all the threads in and the other lines that they do have.  Give me time and you tell me what you want and I will try to bring more and more Superior in! 

We are the ONLY Quilt Store in Western Pa that carries Superior Threads! 

Now if you are interested in Superior, check out the website.  They have great notions for long armers, great tension tips and other educational tools. 

I told you this was a long post and I haven't done the pictures yet!  They have a great newsletter!  They have a great thread of the month club if you want to try different threads!  I could post so much more information on Superior, but I probably have bored you at this point!

If you have not figured it out I love Superior Threads.  That is why we carry them in our store!

Here are some pictures and remember thread is stash too!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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