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Monday, November 21, 2011

What's New!


I'm going to change my schedule up a little so that you get to see the new fabrics that came in.  That way if you are out shopping on Friday (and if you are shop with us too!.  if your not then you better be sewing circling and UFO'ing with us!)

The first are flames and kitty cats by Alexander Henry!

The second are some Blank Quilting 108"!  We are getting them in.  We apologize on the back order situation.  We know you love them and want them we just cannot ever tell you when they will be in.....lol

Ok, lastly I will post my favorite new fabrics, however some of you might be offended. Mom did not want me to put this on the blog, but I am anyhow!   Please be open minded and remember that if these were truly offensive then they wouldn't sell them.  Yes, I am going with that excuse.  These are my men fabrics.  We have construction men, firemen, i like to call them nerdy heart men, camping men and cowboys.  They are dressed just scantily.  The picture is not in detail but you will understand what kind of fabrics these are.  These are already selling fast so if you are like me and want to make pillow cases for friends then come in and don't be embarrassed!  These fabrics are fun!  We are all adults, but yes they are hidden back by the Christmas fabrics........lol

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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