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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Succes Stories!

Let's see what our customers have done this week!

First we have a great picture of Joann and her quilt!  I did the quilting(takes a bow...hahahahaha). Awesome work as usual Joann and good luck with your surgury!  We look forward to when you can get back in!

Next we have Ruth's quilt!  If I know my blocks these are shop hop blocks!  Awesome work Ruth.  Hopefully I can quilt this to compliment your awesome work!

Next we have someone's quilt.  I will admit not being in the store when  pictures are taken I sometimes I have no idea........lol  Ok, yes I hear a lot of you saying Jenn, you never have a clue.......lol
Awesome work to the quilter of this quilt!  Yes, the pictures are from November.  Excuse #2.  Mom's camera.  I forget to unload it on a timely basis........lol  Oh wait!  I know what this quilt is.  This is a quilt I quilted for QOV!  So the quilter is wayyyyyy awesome because she was doing this for the QOV and I'm awesome too!  hahahahahahhaa

Our next set of pictures is one of our Beginner Applique's success stories!

Next we have some dresses done by Mary!  These are soooooo precious!

Finally, we have some of our BOM Shop Hop Block!

Keep the success stories coming in ladies!  We love show and tell time at the store!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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