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Monday, January 23, 2012

What's New!

Happy Monday Everyone!

We got some really cool fabrics and notions in last week.

Let's start with the newest cool toy!  This little gadget is good for so many things.  You can hook it to your ironing board to hold your water bottle or bottle of Best Press.  (Did you know if you need the gallon refills we will order the scent that you want if we do not have it in stock?).  This gadget is also suppose to fit on your quilting tables so that you can hold that bottle/can of pop or glass of your favorite beverage.  No I don't mean that!   I mean your coffee or water!

Next we have the sequal to "Chase's Quilt".  We now have "The Mess"  well we all have a mess probably but it's the book that I am talking about.  The pattern is not available yet but we will have them as soon as we can!  If you and your grandkids enjoyed the first book come in and grab the second.

We have a new Purse pattern for you to make!  This is Me and My Sister's Juliet!  Come in and make it in a black and white scheme or try some other colors!

Next is the stuff you really want!  The fabrics!  We have 3 new ombres for your viewing enjoyment!  We also have one bolt of flannel and some jelly rolls.  I will admit that the jelly rolls that made it to the shelf are less than pictured. (if you are in the store when I do inventory some of you and my employees really win big......lol)  These are very hot and pretty!  They flew off the computer as I logged them in last week.  However, all colors have been re-ordered and should be in again this week!  I promise to take a ruler to my employees so that you will get a chance this time! 

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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