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Monday, February 27, 2012

March - Knitting and Bargello Class

I promise you next Monday I will post all the success stories I should have posted today.

Instead I will give you March classes!

Let's start with Knitting.  I am starting with knitting because both knitting events start this Satruday, March 3rd.

First is PHD.  (projects half done).  You've seen my sweater.  It's half done!  I'll be there!  Our regular knitters will be there too.  Working on Sweaters, socks, etc.  Are you a knitter who needs just some help with a project. Maybe just a time to sit and actually knit without people bothering you?  You want some laughs?  Our group is known for our good times!

Stop in on March 3rd, 17th or 31st from 9:30 am to 11:45 and get your projects done!  $15/session.  Teacher is Heather Metzger.

Our second Knitting is for you who want to knit!  KNITTING 101!  This class is for kids of all ages.  Whether your a tween, teenager, young adult or grandma, this is the class for you to learn how to use those knitting needles.  Class starts this Saturday, March 3rd at noon!  Register NOW!  it is a three week class and will continue on the 17th and 31st.

Next we will talk about our very hot class!  Bargello!  We are having such success stories with this class.  Many ladies have come who have never sewn before and will walk out with an almost completed quilt top.  Usually just the borders need added.  Now the added bonus to this class is that you get a second class at your convience to finish the borders, learn how to quilt your quilt top and if time permits binding.

Once you learn how to make one of these quilts it's going to be your saving grace when you need a quick gift or charity project!

tomorrow we will talk about the first half of our quilting classes!  Stay tuned to the same bat (ok for some reason that slipped out.  I'm getting old!) channel and same bat time for more of our March classes!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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