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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Job openings @Quilters Depot!

Last month I posted I needed a sales associate/teacher.

I have not been able to fill the position.

So I am going to try making these two separate positions.

1) Sales Associate wanted.  - minimum wage.  Day light hours which means anytime from 10am to 6pm.  Flexible.  We usually do 3 to 4 hour shifts.  15 hours maximum a week usually less unless during shop hop......lol  Must be able to quilt.  We are a working store which means when not doing the mundane chores of a quilt shop our sales associates work on samples for the store. 

2)Intermediate Teacher -
The teacher I am looking for is what I think is holding up my hiring. 
I've been spoiled with the teacher I'm replacing.  I am looking for someone who can do classes to replace Andrae.  If you have taken one of her classes you know I'm talking about intermediate classes like the woven placemat, the irish chain, the radiant star, Eleanor Burns Quilts, etc. 

You propose what you want to teach.  Should be able to teach day and night but will accept night and saturdays instead.  Interested in teaching a kids 101 class would be great too or some other kids classes. 

Basically, if you see a pattern you like, a concept you like etc you give me a proposal.  I accept and then you make a sample and then we schedule the class!  Usually, I only require one class a month or every other month.  I am a little bit of a slave driver.  I sooooo wish i had more time so I could teach! Darn paying the bills with my real paycheck...........lol  Actually, I lie.  I am not anywhere near the skill level that my teachers are..........lol

If interested in either/or/both positions let me know or let mom know.  We require an interview with you with samples of your work.  We can then talk about other specifics at that point!


remember the one with the most stash wins!


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