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Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week Knitting and @ Quilters Depot

First I will start with the link for this Week @ because I didn't get it in my email.  I know others did because I got auto responses........lol  Oh well email has been set to my service to see what is up with that.  So if you are a hotmail user (like me and mom who didn't get it either) here is the link!  We have a lot of GREAT classes starting in May!


Then I actually accomplished something in the world of knitting.  I started Christmas gifts!  So if you are my boss Mary from the bank or any of my friends quit reading right now!  No you may not look.  Ok you can just forget about it by December.

Everyone is getting versions of these for Christmas just different colors...........lol

So I finished a Dishcloth and almost a washcloth.  I love these patterns.  There are 2 versions of the dishcloth and 3 of the washcloth from KnitPicks.  Yarn is 100% cotton so they are for more than just decoration!  My plan for later is to check out some of the yarn there which could be dangerous.  Right now I'm just using the cotton we have in the store!  Now everyone is getting the dishclothes but do you know how many washcloth patterns there are?  QUADRUPLEMILLIONS.  Yes that is my made up name because I'm being weird.

I need to finish this washcloth and do one more and this gift set will be done!  Then I hope to work on cozies for store bought coffees this week.

remember the one who finishes Christmas gifts early can knit for themselves!


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