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Friday, May 11, 2012

Something Fun @Quilters Depot

Happy Friday!  We made it to the weekend!

I thought I'd share you a bonus blog entry this week and post something fun.

Most of you know I work a full time job in Downtown.  So sometimes you get to see things that others won't.  Believe me if I did not have to travel to Downtown I would never be there.......lol

So about a week ago as I stumbled my way to work.  (7am is wayyyyyy too early to see clearly)  As I was walking through I noticed what looked like people where they shouldn't be at that time of the day!  After looking closer I realized they were statues.  Thinking they were there to promote the upcoming Arts Festival I continued to stumble my way to work.........lol.  Some of them are a little bit creepy because they are so life like.  My favorite is the man painting the fountain since it's right next to said fountain........lol

Well there is a story behind the statues.  Check out the post gazette article.


I only got a picture of a few of them. Hope you enjoy them!  If your in downtown they will be around for about 3 months!

remember the one who has to work in downtown sees weird things at 7am!


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