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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Success Stories @Quilters Depot!

It's over the hump day!!!!!!!!!  And my last day at the bank for a few days!  Yes.  want to come visit.  I'll be there alllllllllllllll day and evening on thursday and Friday in the afternoon and evening!  Gotta to use the vacation days somehow.  Might as well vacation in Castle Shannon.  Sounds exotic?

Here are some of our success stories.  We have some 101 quilts.  Nice work ladies!

We have a purse that our very own Verna made!  We are donating it to the Wish 99.7 2nd annual Purse Party for a cure.  This purse and the snap happies that mom made will be raffled off on the evening of June 15th.  Quilters Depot employees will be partying hard that evening as our Purse helps to raise money.  Interested in the event at St. Square?  Check out Wish 99.7 website for more information.  Darn now that I look at the picture I chopped off the handles.  Darn!

Next come a few miscellaneous photos of finished projects people brought in to show!

We have a quilt that was just finished on the long arm.  So there is a picture of the front and back and a few other completed projects including one of our pillow case dresses!  Keep up the GREAT work ladies and keep bringing them in to show!

remember the one who brings in their completed projects gets their pictures in my blog!


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