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Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week W/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Hi All

Now If your not paying attention your weekly email may have gone to junk.  We have changed the from email so that the ISP's may start to play nicer with each other.  You all know That C doesn't like A or V.  V doesn't like C etc.......lol.  All emails are really still coming from my email and all your out of office and other miscellaneous responses still come to my owner email, but pay attention since the extension is now quiltropolis.

Here is the link for this week @Quilters Depot if you  missed it.


Now you ask what have I been doing this week?  Well most of it I have not been able to take pictures of since one is the boss's birthday gift and the second quilting project is I was doing my share of the shop hop block.  Not sure how much I can tease you before then so I won't take a picture.

Now in the world of knitting I did take a picture for you.

Here's my sock monkey.  See he has ears and and a body.  The piece on the ground is arm #1.  I actually think I'll have this done for next weekend!  Just arms, tail and mouth thingy to knit!

remember the one with the most projects going at once.........loses their mind first!


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