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Monday, May 14, 2012

What's New @Quilters Depot!

CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and SNOOPY!

Hopefully that got the attention of the people who have been asking me for cupcakes.

We had a lot of our Quilting Treasures/VIP fabrics come in this week.

First up is the Loralie and friends Cupcakes!  There is a panel and if you look the frist bolt on the floor has cupcakes all over it!

Next up is snoopy!  There is Charlie Brown's shirt fabric!  A panel of the characters.  Two tossed character and 2 solids!  These are awesome!  We already have a pillow case done and Mom is working on a bargello.
The bargello will be kitted.  If your interested stop in and tell us so we make enough!

The third set of fabric I'm not showing you a picture of.  It's some of the first Christmas fabrics already starting to flow in.  I'll tease you with that closer to Christmas in July!

Next is The grouchy ladybug and a solid!

Next up is red fabric with some glittering hearts on it.  I think this was back ordered and should have been in like ummmmmm February, but is still a pretty fabric for year round usage!

Finally, we have some Jelly Rolls for you.  If you want these you had better get in quickly!  These will not last once my employees get their hands on them!  If you like the Black and Gold just wait!  We have some flat folds that will be out in about a week!

Hope you all like the new fabrics!  Come on in and get them!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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