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Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Happy Sunday!

Well It's still hot but 84 is much nicer than 90+!

Last week I failed you all with not pictures.  Today you get pictures!

First thought here is the link for the newest This Week @  Hurry and Register!  Alot of classes start this week including Quilting 101!.  Want to make an E-Reader?  Sign up now!  Classes are next week!

Ok.  in the world of knitting.  I made another cup cozy.  I am on hiatus from these until I buy my new clover knitting needles that are a 9" cable.  I hope to be able to knit these tiny things in a round so I dont' have a seam.  Hopefully by next weekend I have these knitting needles in and my set bought!

My friends if they read this blog should start a contest to see if they can tell when I post Christmas gifts who they belong to......lol

This one is made from the new Team Spirit yarn we have in the store.  If you cannot tell this is Green and Yellow.  We also have orange and black, red and black, blue and yellow, and this yellow and green.  I hope to also make a monkey for this cozy's new owner from the same yarn.

The other thing I have been knitting is my pink shrug!  I think I might just get this done to wear this summer!
And that is a design element on the front of the shrug.  I'm sticking to that story no matter what you tell me.  So I only have it on one side of the shrug........lol  Actually maybe you can't even see it's there .  Only have a few more rows of the bottom to do.  Then i need to do the inner ribbing and the sleeves!  I just hope it fits or someone might get an early birthday gift who is just alot more skinny in the arms than I am.......lol

I did do one more project this week, but you will have to wait until tomorrow.  There is also a surprise guest in tomorrow's blogs.  Abbie makes her return!  That might get you through your Monday!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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