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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jenn's Embroidery @Quilters Depot

Over the hump day!  YEAH!

This week you get a Wednesday blog from me.

One of the things I did fairly frequently before Mom and I opened the store was machine embroidery.  Now not so much so when I need to do experiement with thread or such I want to make sure I do it for a worthwhile reason.

So, this week I wanted to test out one of the Superior Threads (Bottom Line) that can be used for embroidery.  So I asked for a tshirt to make my VP of cuteness a new shirt.

Luckily her mom brought me two.  One that doesn't fit which was a bust because a) i forgot to change the bobbin thread, b) i used the wrong stabilizer so the result was a hole in the tshirt.  ooops.  See even those of use who think they know what they are doing don't.......lol  Not sure if you can see it in the picture, but right after the O where there should be an F there is a whole.

Here is the success story though!

Test went good!  The Bottom Line works awesome as an embroidery thread even in my finicky machine!

The reason I did this test is eventually the sulky will sell out and we will not be carrying it.  Alot of you buy your embroidery thread from who you bought your machine from or stores I will not name......lol So eventually we will be carrying Superior for almost all your sewing needs!

So that is an added what I did last week.....lol

remember the one who has the most stash wins!


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