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Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Week W/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Hi Rainy Sunday to all of you!

Are you ready for frankenstorm Sandy?  I'm already not looking forward to my commute on Rt 51 and 88 since I think there are 3 flood zones on 51 and at least as many on 88!  Be careful out there this week and hold on to your hats til Halloween.

If you are a reader of my Wacky Wednesday make sure to pay attention this weekend.  I'm going to do something SpookWacky!

Let's see I was reminded this week I forgot to post the picture of my felted purse after the felting.  Sorry about that.  Here it is.  First is the before Picture to remind you how big it was and the after pic. I could felt it again but I am a person whose purse is a backup.  I like BIG! Purses.........lol

I will admit that I did not get much done on my princess monkey so you do  not get a picture.  I only got one arm done and I started the second last night.  I promise it will be done by next weekend.  I have too many Christmas gifts to knit to take any longer!

The other thing I did this week is I started a new purse for a friends Christmas gift.  I hate making purses because you have to follow instructions.  Luckily as owner I get on demand classes!  I also have the greatest purse teacher Verna!  Not everyone would be as patient with me as she is!  Here is the beginning of my purse.  I really hope I finish it next Friday night at UFO. Why don't you join me with one of your UFO's!

Ok.  I think that is all!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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