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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quilters Depot needs Teachers!

It's Thursday and I have blogged all week!

How about that!  lol

So today I would like to post that we are looking for teachers!  I would like the teachers to just be teachers at this point.  If you would like to be a sales associate that may be something we can discuss!

1) Quilting Teacher

First a concept class teacher!  I have been a tad been slack on replacing Andrae and have figured out over the weekend that I am not offering you all enough classes!  I like having a full calendar and giving you lots of great things to make.

So you think hmmmm maybe but I have not ever taught.  Or what are you looking for Jenn?

What I am looking for:

Can Quilt........lol

Can teach one class a month in two sessions.  one day session and one night session or a day and saturday or a night and saturday if you work full time.  You do not have to have previous teaching experience.  Just be willing to learn and adjust as you go!

You tell me what you want to teach.  Come up with an idea. Make a sample and present it to me.  I am thinking concept classes that may or may not teach a new idea.  It might be new to the person taking the class or is a project class that people just love and want to make it!

Interested?  Bring some samples of your work in and talk to Jenn about the details!

2)Knitting Teacher

I am looking for a new knitting teacher!  Would like to have day/evening and weekend classes.  Should be able to teach a 101 class to adults or youngsters as needed.  However, I want projects!  I want you to be able to lead the way for me and the other knitters to create awesome clothing/toys/gifts/ etc!

I want to expand the number of people who are coming in!  I would love to start a club where we meet one night a month to just have fun and knit!  The more the merrier but I want someone there to be able to help if anyone runs into trouble!

So if you are interested come in and talk to me (Jenn) about what type of knitting we can re-start up at the depot!  Basically you can make this a position that you want it to be with a little help from the boss's ideas..........lol

remember the one with the most stash wins!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Jenn! My mom frequents your shop as an advid quilter. I've recently moved back into the area but I'm not yet working. I was an elementary school teacher and I've been knitting for about 10 years. I would love to teach a class for you if you were interested! I will try to stop by the shop early in the week to talk to you about what you might be looking for to see if I fit your needs. I'll also bring some samples of items I have around the house that I've knit. Any particular time or day that would be best to stop by?
    You can reach me at knitknucklehead@gmail.com