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Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot

Hi All

I'm rushing to get this done this afternoon so it makes the cut off for the email that blogger sends out.

I've been making Christmas Chocolate since 11am to about 3 and all I want to say is BahHumbug!  I'm not done either which means a second Sunday without being able to earn extra money by LongArming.

I did do a quick quilt top this week at the store.  A naughty Firemen quilt for a friend in San Francisco Area whose hubby is a firemen and she spends alot of nights alone while he is serving the community.  I hope Wednesday night to get it on the Fusion so I can pro-Stitch some awesome designs I found for it.  I will post pics when everything on it is done.

I'm still knitting Christmas gifts.  Bah humbug to that too at this point.  Yes I'm not in the holiday mood................lol

What else did I do.  I ordered a bunch of Cestari Yarn.  You got that on Friday's blog and we hired a Knitting Teacher.  Wendy will be starting her first class in January making knitted felted house slippers!    We are going to start tailoring our knitting classes as Project classes.  So if you like the project come on in.  Want to learn a new technique let us know and we will plan something!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's email for all the awesome and affordable fabrics I logged in on Friday night!

remember the one who has the most stash wins!


p.s.  On Thanksgiving I wrapped Christmas gifts.  Here are the furrgirls helping!

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