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Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Week w/Jernn @Quilters Depot!

Hi all!

I have spent my day so far long arming a quilt.  Wrote the newsletter.  Scheduled my employees for shop hop week.

Now it's time to do the blog.

I am caught up with my Pirates Pride Scarf, but I won't bore you with a picture this week.  Ok.  I didn't take the picture so therefore I am not going to bore you!

I have for years been an anti-applique person. Why I do not know.  Probably because it take concentration........lol

However, as I walked around Spring Quilt Market once again I was surrounded by Applique!  Then I stopped at the Zebra Patterns booth.  I fell in love with the lighthouses.  I actually fell in love with a lot of stuff at that booth.........lol    On Saturday, I started my lighthouse.  I am making St Augustine since it was probably the FIRST light house I can remember visiting.    So here are some pictures of my mess I was making!  I am going to try real hard to have all my pieces cut and fused for next weekend, but I wouldn't count on it.........lol

The other thing I did on Saturday was did my Quilt Along. So far I am still on time!

Here is my picture of week 4's results!  Here is the link if you missed the email for week 5.  http://quiltersdepotpa.com/Quiltalong14/PrecutFrenzyWeek5.html

Next week I should have some very exciting breaking news for you!  Stay tuned to be the first ones to find out!

remember the ones with the most stash wins!


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