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Friday, August 15, 2014

Kids Camp @Quilters Depot!

We celebrate summer with the kids by playing with- I mean, introducing - fun projects  to inspire, teach, and offer opportunities for creative expression.

Day 1: Tuesday, August 19th @1 to 4pm: Sharpie Day! We learn a new way to tie-dye – with Sharpie markers!  Teacher: Deb Will

Day 2: Wednesday, August 20th @1 to 4pm.  Friendship Bracelet Day.  We go ‘oldie-but-goodie’ with sampling friendship bracelets. These are truly classic and need to be a part of everyone’s youth!  Also on the agenda the kids will also learn how to make a cuff bracelet made from fabric.  This item is the perfect spot for your favorite embellishment[s]. Teacher: Deb Will

Day 3: Friday, August 22nd @1 to 4pm.  Intro to Machine Embroidery:  Now that we have the Brother Embroidery Machines to sell; it is a great time to introduce your kids to machine embroidery!  Come in and make a great small project.  Since Brother is awesome we can do Disney designs!  I wish I could take the class! Teachers: Kathy Albitz and Verna Spargo.

Day 4: Saturday, August 23rd @noon to 3pm.  Key Fob: A very cool, yet very do-able simple sewing project to brush up on some skills that may have gotten a little dusty…we will make a key fob for your locker key, secret diary key, backdoor key, or whatever key you need to corral – or just something personal to hook onto your backpack. 

Just the Facts:  We want everyone to have a positive experience when participating, so these projects are geared toward those with a little experience operating a sewing machine and capable of some fine motor skills that won’t be frustrating.  That may mean it will be more appropriate for elementary, upper-elementary and above-aged youngsters.  You know your children best, so think carefully about their concentration level, skill set, and maturation to facilitate the most positive experience for everyone.
Cost: $25 per day (includes what they need for each class) (bring money if they decide they would like to make more than 1)

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