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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Register Now . Day 2. Knitting!

You know I am in love with the Laura Nelkin beaded jewelry kits!

You also can be.  I don't even want to hear the excuse that you are allergic to wool.  That will not work this time because the kits come in either wool or cotton!

Come take this quick and easy class.  If you do not finish there is a knit clinic on the 28th!  Register today or Thursday before 5pm!

Knitting—Laura Nelkin’s Stereo Cuff:  Have you been doing our Nelkin Jewelry classes.  If so you will love this next one.  If not what are you waiting for!  The Stereo Cuff is deceptively simple...there are only 8 stitches with 3 colors of beads slipped up in between. What's not to love?   We have a lovely array of kit colors to choose from, and most are 100% cotton! Do not let your wool allergies stop you from finally learning how to knit beaded jewelry!  This is a ONE week class, but if you need to finish we have a Knit Clinic you can come to for free if you are working on this project!  When: Thursday, August 14th @6 to 9pm.  Cost:   $20 + kit.  Teacher: Kristen Strom

remember we knit so we don't kill (ha! you thought i was going to say something about stash......lol)


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