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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Breaking News! Penguin Scarf!

Ok.  You know I always try to give you guys more of a heads up then everyone else!

So since I announced the Pirates Rally Scarf (How are you coming?  Yes, I am wayyyyy behind!) everyone has been asking me about a Penguins scarf.

You knew I would do it right?  lol

Here goes.  As always I am giving you choices because this is your scarf.

It's your choice how many you cast on.  I am thinking between 20 to 30 sttiches depending on the yarn you decide to use.

I want you to decide how long you want the scarf.  For example.  I want a 60" scarf.  I will divide 60" by 82 games.  So I need to do 3/4" each game.

1) Buy 1 black and 1 gold skein of yarn.  Very simply.  If they win you knit in gold.  If they lose you purl in black.    You can also do all knit if you want.

2) With 2 or three colors.  gold = win, black =loss, blue OT game.  CO 20 or 30 and do some rib.  you pick how many you want.  How cool would a knit 15, purl 15 for a win.  do opposite for a loss.  or just do 2 to 4 rib.  just figure out how many to cast on.

3)This is what I am doing.

I am going to pick three colors. I haven't decided if i'm doing glitzy black or regular black.    We have this yarn available!

gold = win
black = loss
blue = OT or shootout.

I am also going to do a little bit of pattern work.  for a win.  Size 8 needles  20 CO  i will purl 5, knit 10 and purl 5  if they lose I will do knit 5, purl 10, knit 5.

That pattern is what will stand out in the blue to know if they won the OT or shootout.........lol

Here are some other yarns that will work that we have in the store!  We have some others too so come check it out.  You know I'm always loaded with Pittsburgh Colors!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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