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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Register for these classes now!

You know you want to take these two classes.  Make a day of it! Bring your lunch or ask Jenn to order in.   Peggy G always comes up with some easy and fun classes!  Just because it may seem like a complicated quilt does not make it so!

Register by Friday night at 6pm for either or both of these classes.

Playtime—Ring Around the Rosie Quilt:  Peggy has fallen in love with the book “Quilters Playtime” by Dianne S. Hire.  She says it’s the only quilt book that she has read from cover to cover.  The book is all about having fun with quilting, throwing out all the rules, and freeing the inner you to create as you wish.  The sky is the limit!!!  (Note: All the quilt ideas are named after games...how appropriate!!!)  This class is the third, and last, in the series of three that we have offered.  “Ring around the Rosey” This quilt is the one featured on the front of the book. Because of copyright laws, the book is required for class! If you have missed the other DO NOT miss this one!  This is a TWO week class!  When: Saturdays, October 4th and 18th @9am to noon.  Cost:  $25 +supplies and book.  Teacher: Peggy Gibson

Hot Hexagon Centerpiece: If you  have not heard Hexagons are all the rage right now!  Make this reversible centerpiece and /or placemat to learn the technique of making hexagons using pre-cut paper inserts.  Note:  We have the pre-cut fabric hexagons at the Depot to make this project even easier!  This is an all hand piecing class (no sewing machines required!), but it’s fun and easy!  Peggy wouldn’t have it any other way! This is a TWO week class! When: Saturdays, October 4th and 18th @noon to 3pm.  Cost:  $25 +supplies.  Teacher: Peggy Gibson.

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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