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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Last Chance to Register for the Quilters Depot Spring 2015 Retreat!

Last Chance to Register for Quilters Depot Spring 2015 Retreat!

We only have a few more rooms (2 singles and 1 double) and a few more UFO spots left!  It's a total of 8 spots.  First come first serve.  I sent this email out on Monday so they might be gone.  Have you been wanting to come to our retreat?  Now is the time!  All the information is below!

remember what happens at Quilt Retreat stays at Quilt Retreat!


Quilters Depot Spring 2015 Retreat
March 20th - March 22nd
Crowne Plaza Hotel (Fort Couch Rd, across from South Hills Village)
Noon on Friday to 3pm on Sunday!

· Registration is From NOW until Monday, February 2nd 2015 (or when it is filled) DO NOT DELAY! 50 people max!
· We will be having Overnighters and UFOers  again this go-around.
· We have 14 Double Queen Rooms (estimate)  First come first serve!
· For Overnighters a $40 deposit is required with your registration form.
· For UFOers you will pay half of your total amount as your deposit when you register.
· Want your family to buy it for Christmas?  Fill out the form so we know who they are paying for and it’s the gift you really want. 

Final Bills will go out on February 2nd or 8th and All payments will be due by March 1st!
  We will have 2 refrigerators in the banquet room for our convenience for water and pop and small snacks. If you need one in your room please tell us when you register!
If you would like a handicapped room please let us know when you register!

As in the past we will help you find a roommate if you so desire!  Remember the more people in your room the cheaper your weekend will be.  The prices are only 10 dollars more than last year.  This is due to us adding two breakfasts to the mix.  Our contact at the hotel is off until end of December on maternity leave.  All information except prices are preliminary.  More details to come soon!


If you are an Overnighter. Your rate includes: Hotel room for two nights, Dinner Friday night, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday. It will also include Breakfast Sunday morning.   Your rate also includes the banquet room we are renting for your use.  It is twice as big and you will have a lot more room!
Prices for overnighter.
1 person in a room = $370/person (limited to 5 people)
2 people sharing a room = $230/person
3 people sharing a room =$185/person
4 people sharing a room =$165/person

If you are an UFO’er.  You can choose from a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday session or all three.  The price is based on banquet room rental and meals.  See below for per day breakdown.  We will allow you to leave your items overnight, however there will be a waiver form. 
Friday—Noon to 10pm.  (includes dinner) $40
Saturday—7am to 10pm (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner) $60
Sunday, 7am to 3pm (includes breakfast) $25

Come all three days and get it for $115.  That’s a savings of $10!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Success Stories and 3 Rivers Quilters @Quilters Depot

Ok.  Yes smack me. I forgot to unload the camera again.  There's gotta be an automatic thing that we take a picture and it goes to my computer........lol

So we do have one success story and it's in conjunction with the 3 Rivers Quilt Guild gals!

Last Tuesday our very own and their very own PeggyG did a selvage class for the members of the guild who could attend.

Here is their success stories!  They all finished! I think 1 or 2 members were missing from the picture, but congrats ladies they look awesome!  Do you want to try this technique.  Check out the February newsletter Peggy is teaching it for you also!

To continue our day with the Quilt Guild.  Deb and I took the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen to their guild meeting and presented to them!  They also had a chance to sit down and do some playing and dreaming!  

And Yes, I took the pictures so I wouldn't have to be in the pictures!  lol

We had a great time and we thank the ladies of the 3 Rivers Quilt Guild for letting us present our Sweet Sixteen!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Monday, January 26, 2015

What's New @Quilters Depot!

Hi all!

We have some really cute stuff for you this week!

First up .

Olaf is in!  He won't last!  Get him soon!

Well if you do not know yet.  The Western Pa Shop Hop theme is Hop around the World.  That means all of the stores are a different country!  We are Japan!  So you will be starting to see a lot of Orientals and things like this.  Hello Kitty!  You know you want it!  I know I do but not sure who I would make it for........lol

The next fabrics are a little more grownup!  Check out these Moda Ombres!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

So are you ready for a snow storm?  When did 3 to 5 inches become a snow storm?  The people in Erie and Buffalo are laughing at us.  I was really proud that yesterday the 2 to 3 inches didn't shut us all down!  It was a real relief that I could get off our hill yesterday morning!  Also glad a lot of you came out and showed us your love for Love your Quilt Shop Day! Here's to hoping that this doesn't hindrance us too much on a Monday morning commute!

I didn't get a lot done personally this week.  I was off two days from the bank and have no idea where the time went!  We did get new computers at the store, but it takes a lot of time to set up computers and recover everything (especially when some was lost :-( )  So if anything I send you seems wonky let me know it might not be directing to the right spots.

I got only a couple rows done on my knitted cowl.  I am however caught up on my Penguin scarf!

This week I would really like to get some more of my Hoop Sisters BOM blocks done for month 1 so I can show you the first ones.  I also would like to start planning a scan cut class!  I have the idea now I just have to work it out and write instructions!

Stay safe everyone!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love your Local Quilt Shop! Sale @Quilters Depot!

Saturday, January 24th, 2015
Love your Local Quilt Shop Day!

Promotion #1 On Saturday, January 24th come in and tell me you love Quilters Depot and you will get 20% off all purchases! Excludes Brother and Handi Quilter Machines.   Good from 9am to 3pm Saturday, January 24th  Not compoundable!

Promotion #2  The Brother Quattro 3 is 40% off msrp!  This is my favorite embroidery machine in the store.  Yes, I love it more than the Dream........lol It has been discontinued though.  If you want one quantities are running low.  We have a couple in stock and we can get a few more!  I don't discount my machines like this often!  Don't miss out!

Promotion #3 Hold onto your hats.  Today is the beginning of our Winter Clearance Sale!  All fabrics marked for this sale will be 50% off through February 21. (Check out the playpen and the back table!)  Do not wait that long though! These will not last! We will re-stock the table through the month!  Do not miss out on this sale!  It's the most we have ever discounted our fabrics!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Look what Deb Made on a Dream Machine at Quilters Depot!

Do you have a Brother Embroidery Machine?

Have you gone to Ibroidery lately?

They not only have Frozen, Mickey, Pooh, and Princess Designs.  They have MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I am a really big Muppet fan!

Look what Debbie did on the Dream for her son last weekend!

If you are on Ibroidery or just starting make sure you list us as your store of choice!

I'm sorry for those of you who do not have Brother Machines and cannot do these awesome designs!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Success Stories @Quilters Depot!

It's Tuesday!

I could really get used to being on vacation from day job.  I love coming into the store even when I'm tired.  I mean all those fabrics.  All the cool machines.  Do I get to play enough. No, but oh well!

My success Story is I unloaded the camera!  Wasn't much on it.  That means you guys aren't finishing projects!  You all need to get a move on and come in and tell us you want to be in the blog!  Sometimes you show them to us and we gush so much we forget to grab the camera!

First up is our proud success story!  You know Kristen, our young knitting teacher (Yes, I can call her young when she's a decade younger than me!  lol).  This is Kristen's first quilt!  Not only did she get her quilt top done with Peggy!  Peggy put her on the Sweet Sixteen to start teaching her that!  Awesome work Kristen!

We also had a successful Octagon Placemat finished!  (this may have been on camera for awhile  The darn date always gives me away!)

remember, the one with the most stash wins!


Monday, January 19, 2015

What's New @Quilters Depot!

It's Monday!  It's a holiday! That means I am in the store!  Actually will be there all day until approximately 9pm!

I will be in store most of Tuesday also. At least until about 6:15pm  Then I will be at the Three Rivers Quilt Guild Meeting.  So if you need to see me those are the times!  

Two new things to show you this week!

Check out these flannels!  Get ready we will be doing rag quilts in March! (shhhhh I haven't told Deb this yet.....lol)

This is the cutest panel I have seen in a long time!  First picture is the panel and the second is the book it makes!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot

Hi all!

Sitting here doing my computer work and watching the dismal Penguins game.

Speaking of Penguins.  I am caught up until we end this game!  I didn't take a picture though.......lol

I have been working on my Hoop Sisters BOM!  I am all ready for my classes Monday night and Tuesday!  Am I perfect?  Nope!  I still have to figure out my bobbin colors, but oh well!   However, I am getting better and quicker!

Let's see what else I have done this week.  I long armed a 104x89 quilt this morning.  I was working on my knitted cowl.  I ripped it all out last night and started over.  Kristen told me to keep going, but I was just not happy with it.  Hopefully this time I will continue to work on it because I would screw up every time I put it down for a week.  So that is my goal!

This week we get new computers at the store!  Woooooohoooooo!  Hopefully it will all go smoothly, but if you are in the store Monday afternoon and evening be patient with us!  

If you are a Three Rivers Quilt Guild member and are interested in a sweet sixteen make sure you come to your meeting night  Tuesday meeting. The Depot will be there demonstrating and letting you play on a Sweet!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Knit Clinic and UFO @Quilters Depot!

Hi all!

I know I skipped blogging yesterday.  I won't give you my usual claim of not unloading the camera because you are probably as tired of hearing it as I am saying it!

I think I might need to add it to my weekly to do list though since I keep forgetting :-(

So, Yes, I skipped blogging yesterday..........lol

Today I want to remind you of Knit Clinic tomorrow, Thursday.  It's Free this month.  We want you to come in. Bring your knitting. Relax.Have fun!  Maybe finish a project.  If you need help Kristen arrives at 6pm!  I know I need to get my fingers moving on the cowl I owe someone for Christmas.  (hangs head in shame)

Then on Friday night we have a UFO!  Same as above but it's all about your quilting projects. Machine. Hand.  Just sitting there and socializing.  That's what UFO is about!  Pizza will be served and we have so much chocolate from Christmas I will let you have some!

Hope to see you at both of these!

remember the one who has the most stash wins!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Two Great classes starting this week @Quilters Depot!

Yes I know Monday is suppose to be about what's new.

However, the bolts of flannel that came in are still sitting there waiting to be logged in!  I need flogged!  I am a horrible store owner who needs to get her butt moving!

So instead here are two classes you are not going to want to miss!  SIGN UP NOW!  This is the last time the Strip Hexagon will be offered!

Strip Hexagon Quilt:  Do you like the look of the hexagons but dread the Y-seams?  This is another of Jane’s classes where we sew, cut, sew.  It’s made using your favorite Jelly Roll or you can cut the 2 1/2” strips from your stash or favorite new fabrics!  You will sew strips sets and then use a sixty degree triangle ruler to cut.  This is class isn’t difficult but you will have to pay attention to the details!  We re did our  sample in batiks.  Come check that out and the table runner Jane has made.  You can make this any size you want.  It’s the concept you will be learning!  This is a 3 week class!  Level: 200 When:  Session 1:  Wednesdays, January 14th, 21st and 28th @ 6 to 9pm.  Session 2: Fridays, January 16th, 23rd, and 30th @10:30am to 1:30pm. Cost: $35 + supplies.  Teacher:  Jane Casne

Make & Take  --  Fat Quarter Quilt Top:   Here’s a fun, quick, and easy way to use some of those fat quarters you bought and don’t know what to do with them.  Don’t have fat quarters, this can also be done with quarter yard pieces of fabric too.  You can get this top done in one afternoon.  This is an all day class so bring your lunch or we can order out! Come join our knitting teacher Kristen as she takes her first quilting class!  Yes it's that easy!  Level: 100 When: Saturday, January 17th @9am to 3pm.  Cost: $15 + supplies.  Teacher: Peggy Gibson.

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Hi all!

Well my computer tells me we have broken the freezing mark so far today.  I wonder if we all ask our friends to the south to blow the warm air up if we could just be rain vs the mess they are forecasting for tonight.

Stay safe and if we delay for some reason tomorrow I will try to get onto my computer and email you.

So this week I am only one game (last night's OT win) for my Penguin's scarf!  I didn't take a picture because I think there were only like two games.  Cold and icky weeks deserve more games to be watched!  lol

What I did do this week was start working on my Machine Embroidery BOM and play on both the Dream Machine and the Quattro!  If you are interested in a Embroidery Machine and do not want the dream let me recommend the Quattro!  Brother has discontinued this machine for 2015.  I have two and can I tell you I LOVE this machine.  I would be buying it except then I wouldn't have one to sell you.  So the top piece is from the Dream.  The bottom one was from the Quattro.  What I am doing is playing with threads.  All are Superior threads!

These pictures are from the Hoop Sister's BOM Sewn Seeds.  You will be getting an email probably either later today or tomorrow about the BOM.  If you want to participate let me know!  I am not real happy with the finished result but I know what my problems are and am starting a new one Tuesday night with different colors and the correct threads!  I had a lot of issues but that is due to the user......lol  I am not used to my machine yet and I have to change the colors that were picked for me for this project.  Next week's picture will be one or more of beauty!

That's all for now!  I have been writing the newsletter today and now have to work on some emails for you for the week!  No groaning!  You love my emails!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Knit Klub and Piecemakers!

If you are bored now that the holidays are over.  We have two evenings for you!

Thursday night is Knit Klub.  Free to you. 5pm to 8 or 9pm! Bring your knitting or crochet and come have a great time while you are finish up some projects.  Finish those unfinished Christmas gifts or start new ones for next year!  Kristen our knitting teacher is there to help you at 6pm!

Friday night is Piecemakers!  5pm to 8pm!  Free!  Come work on your hand piecing or hand quilting.  Deb is on hand to guide you!  I heard you wanted more than one Piecemakers a month!  You got it this month!  Don't miss it!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Three Quilts in a Day!

So I did not unload the camera.  I think there is at least one success story.

So instead we are going to tell you about an awesome class that you should register for!

You know you all LOVE PeggyG's classes!  This one is a great class!  Whether you ned to make a three quick quilts for presents or you want to make some charity quilts.  This class is for you!  Bring your lunch!  Stay the day!  We love having you at the Depot!

Make & Take—3 Quilt Tops in a Day!  Here’s a fun, quick, and easy way to make 3 quilt tops in one day.  You never know when you will need a last minute quilt!!!!  One yard each of three coordinating fabrics is all you need.  (NOTE: If your fabric is directional, you will need 1 ¼ yards)  This is an all day class so bring your lunch or we can order out Level: 100.  When: Saturday, January 10th @9am to 3pm. Cost: $15 + supplies.  Teacher: Peggy Gibson.

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Monday, January 5, 2015

What's New @Quilters Depot!

Breaking News!  Have you been waiting for the Elsa/Anna Panel!  We have it back in!  We have a nice selection of the coordinating fabrics also!  Stop in and get yours today?  Did you know that you can make Elsa and Anna Embroideries?  If you have a Brother embroidery machine you can!  Come ask us about all of our Brother machines!

Check out these two Windham fabrics!  They are so pretty and classic looking!

Nice border print for you flowery needs!
 I am in love with these two 108" fabrics!
 Mickey is in the house!
Hello Kitty!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Even though I love having holidays off.  It's very tough to get stuff done.  It's also hard going back to the day job after anytime off.

If you have heard me speak, yes I still sound like a frog.  It's starting to finally get better though!

I am only behind one game on my Penguin Scarf!  Even though I don't like streaks of black it was probably needed!  I am going to stick with that story instead of thinking how many games we lost.........lol

Yesterday, the Quilters Depot Handi Quilter gang built a very excited customer her new Avante!  Makes me want to have one even though I already do!

I quilted two quilts this week.  One on New's Years Day and one this morning!  

I have two goals this week.  To start back on my cowl.  To start the Hoop Sisters Sample so I can teach it to you! The first five who have signed up; I will be contacting you on what we are going to do in a couple weeks to get started!  If you have not registered stay tuned for more information!

I'll let you know next Sunday how I'm doing!

remember the one with the most stash wins!