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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Knit Clinic and UFO @Quilters Depot!

Hi all!

I know I skipped blogging yesterday.  I won't give you my usual claim of not unloading the camera because you are probably as tired of hearing it as I am saying it!

I think I might need to add it to my weekly to do list though since I keep forgetting :-(

So, Yes, I skipped blogging yesterday..........lol

Today I want to remind you of Knit Clinic tomorrow, Thursday.  It's Free this month.  We want you to come in. Bring your knitting. Relax.Have fun!  Maybe finish a project.  If you need help Kristen arrives at 6pm!  I know I need to get my fingers moving on the cowl I owe someone for Christmas.  (hangs head in shame)

Then on Friday night we have a UFO!  Same as above but it's all about your quilting projects. Machine. Hand.  Just sitting there and socializing.  That's what UFO is about!  Pizza will be served and we have so much chocolate from Christmas I will let you have some!

Hope to see you at both of these!

remember the one who has the most stash wins!


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