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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Look what Jane made on our Quattro 3 @Quilters Depot!

Now you may ask what is Jenn's favorite Brother sewing machine in the store!

There are two.  The Brother 40E.  This is the most awesome little sewing machine for taking to classes and to retreats!

Now when it comes to the Embroidery Machines it's the Quattro 3.  Jenn is sad though because Brother has discontinued the Quattro for a newer/better model.  Why not the Dream Jenn?  First, I had to fight people in the store to use the Dream.  Now I am in love with the Quattro and I have to sell my remaining machines.

This leads me into showing you what Jane, our assistant store manager made on the Quattro!  This is one of the hundreds of free designs that come with the Quattro!  Now the best part I am offering the Quattro's at 40% off msrp!  We have two for you to buy!   Come talk to us if you are interested in buying them.  Jenn will be sad to see them go, but is excited to maybe get her turn on the Dream!

Awesome work Jane!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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