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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quilters Depot's Debbie's favorite Quilting App!

When a customer comes in to the store asking how much fabric do I need you will see each sales associate do it her way.

I have one employee who has a blackboard in her mind.  She's awesome for figuring it for you.  Alot of us use paper and calculator.  We even have a quilt calculator in the store.  No one uses it though because it can never be found.

Debbie claims her brain has a dry erase board and it gets smeared.  So she has found a new way! 

Most of us almost always knows where our smart phones are?  Yes I will admit I've called mine a few times.  Found it in my driveway.  Found it under the truck. etc.  We called Debbie's this week too. 

However, when we do know where our phones are Debbie has found an awesome app for you!  If you go to your playstore and look for the Quilt Calculator this one is by Quilters Little Helper which is a Robert Kauffman Fabrics App.  

We do not get paid for endorsing this app, but it is cool and you will at least see Debbie using it at the store.  (We do not all have smart phones.......lol)

Hope you enjoy it!

remember, the one with the most stash wins!


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