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Monday, June 29, 2015

Quilters Depot and Castle Shannon Library Event!

I know I'm tired of saying it.  So you must be tired of hearing it.  I have pictures on Camera.  I set it on my desk and forgot to grab it to unload.  (sigh)

I had great pics too.  Some finished 101 quilts and at least one new bolt of fabric.

So instead I will entertain you though with some pictures!

If you are not on my Facebook or Twitter account; then why not?  HAHA!

If you are not on my Facebook or Twitter accounts you missed out on Saturday nights pictures from our library event!

On Saturday, Kristen, Verna, Sally and I spent the afternoon at the Castle Shannon Library teaching 13 ladies how to knit Starbella Scarves!  Shout out to young Marissa!  She caught on and was our star pupil!  Good work to all the other women as well!  A lot of these women had never touched a knitting needle before and were doing really well!

Thanks to my employees who did come with us and to Heather and Heather at the library for letting us help out with the Summer program!  If you have not checked them out; do so!  They have a lot of great activities and events throughout the year!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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