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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jenn's NEW FAVORITE Brother Machine @Quilters Depot

Now that I have this music stuck in your head!  Isn't You tube awesome!  Well it's awesome if this works!  Hopefully you can click on the picture/video above if not click on the link below.


I would like to introduce you to........................

If you have always wanted to Embroider Ball Caps, Stuffed Animals, Socks, Shirts, you name it without having to fight with your project on a regular embroidery machine this machine is for you!  Based on and looking like a 10 or 6 needle this is a ONE needle but you can do so many things with this free standing arm machine!

If you have ever wanted to start your own embroidery business but found the larger machines too expensive come talk to me!  This is the machine for you!

To top it off it will have DISNEY DESIGNS!  you also can add more from I-broidery.  Now you can't sell the Disney stuff but how fun would it be to decorate those kids clothes and heck yours with Disney designs!

We will have one in hopefully in the next month!  We will having some demos and play time for you.
So stay tuned for more info.  There is a really cool table that you can also order!  We will be having one of those too!  It will make it alot easier to roll around the store and demo for you!

Below are some pics I took.  You can come check out the ballcap, hedgehog and a small zipper purse that Debbie, Verna and I did in class!


If you want one come talk to me!  I will announce when it's in the store!

You know you want one!


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