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Sunday, December 27, 2015

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

So is this what you feel like after the first round of holidays?

Sorry it's a blurry pic.  i was across the room and my zoom didn't work real well.  If i had moved in closer Bernie would have woken up and there would have been no pic!  And yes that is one of the gift that were brought for her and her sister Abbie on Christmas.

I think that might be me in about an hour.  One thing about the holidays you share everything with your family, friends and employees including the germs.  I think I need a nap!

I am almost done with month 7 of my Hoop Sisters BOM!  I hope by New Year's Eve to have that month done but I'm not promising.  I have been working on my Steeler Cowl.  I also have been making my W.I.P Challenge List!  Have you?  If you do not know what I'm talking about go back to your newsletter!  Or there will probably be another email this week if I don't fall asleep this afternoon before getting my work done!

It's back to work tomorrow.  I really think that December 24th through January 2nd should be national holidays!

Have a great week!

and remember the one with the most stash wins!


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