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Sunday, May 29, 2016

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Happy Sunday all!

I decided to take the morning off from Long arming.  Instead I cleaned my junk drawer in my bedroom!

Even after an hour of pitching stuff I still have wayyyyyyy too much nail polish that I never find time to use!

I did find some stuff I could not pitch (a little contraption that when you look into it it had a picture in it.  This one had a pic of my grandma A in it.  So of course that went back into the drawer).  Things I didn't know I had (bank related).  and stuff that filled that huge garbage bag.  Funny thing I still could fill a few bags............lol

Now I am sitting down and filling my day with racing.  First up the Indy 500.  Later tonight the Nascar Race.  I am also filling it up with computer work.  Thank goodness for TV in the same room as my laptop!

Finally, Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  A special thanks and remembrance to all of those who are serving, who have served and who have lost their lives in service. We also thank their family members!

Oh and Let's Go Pens!  Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, Bring me some Brandy!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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