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Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot!

Hi all!

Let's see.  I finished a quilt for myself on the Avante and Prostitcher.  I almost have one done for the store.

I did a few blocks on Month 4 of the Elegant Elements.  I should take pictures of some of these Awesome Blocks, but I always forget.

I am in the store all week!  You should have gotten your Sale email!  Come see me as you are hopping around or if my sale number is magical to you come see me!  I will be sneaking out now and again to do errands.  It is my vacation..............lol

I almost have my friends Birthday gift done.  I thought about finishing it last night but Abbie wouldn't let me!  I mean how can you tell her to move so you can knit?  I'm sticking with that story!

My goal is to finish the project tonight and felt it and get the handles on it by end of the week so I can give it to her when I go back after vacation.  The decision is to whether now to do the sock class or work on some of my WIP's.  Decisions, Decisions!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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