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Sunday, November 12, 2017

This Week w/Jenn @Quilters Depot

Hi all

My crafting career started when I was very very young doing crochet.  I continued to crochet through the years probably until end of college.  I could do anything.  I made barbie dresses.  I could do popcorn vases.  I still have some of the vest/sweaters I made.  However, I had not picked up a crochet hook in years except to grab my drop stitches when knitting.

That changed this week.  I had to make this cat butt coaster!  Several more of these will be made before Christmas I'm guessin.  It took less than 2 hours!  You can totally customize so it looks like your cat.  This one below is Dodger my neighbors cat.  I'm going to try to do one of Onyx that has his white neck!

I also long armed two quilts.  The new Amara has come in and Dad will be putting together in time for our Handi Classes.  See another blog this week!  I also have started the machine Embroidery project for the month!  How many can I get done in time for Christmas.  Why do i wait so long to start on gifts.  (sigh)

Have a great week everyone!

remember the one with the most stash wins!


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